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Ticket Machine in Exmouth Car Park
This is the only web site on the internet to feature not only all the East Devon Council Car Parks but the private ones and all the other car parks in Exmouth. 

The seaside town of Exmouth can get very busy in the summer, and even in the depths of winter parking spaces can be hard to find in some areas. 

This web site will tell you a little about each car park and also advised on the cheapest places to park and where some "hidden" car parks might be found. 

Also we offer advice on where you might be able to park for free. 

Set out below and presented in no particular order are all the car parks in the town.

Parking In Exmouth

walk from Exmouth station to the sea front

There are two quite distinct areas to park in when visiting Exmouth. Either park near the station (area) for a visit to the town or head down towards the sea-front if going to the beach area. 

That said the walk from the station area to the sea-front is around half a mile and roughly 10 minutes. So if you cannot find a space near the sea-front head to the station area car parks and walk. 

Try not to use the actual station car park as that is expensive. Other options are suggested within this web site.