Winter Shopper Special 2023/2024

 Running from the 1st November 2023 to the 31st March 2024 residents and visitors will be able to purchase a £2 ticket from a ticket machine and it will be valid in any East Devon car park until midnight on the day of purchase.

 Pay just £2 and park for the rest of the day (till midnight) and the same ticket can be used in any East Devon District Council Pay & Display car park. The ticket will show the "normal" expiry time but as long as you have paid £2 it will be valid all day. 

Excludes Parkmobile payments and Permit Holders.

Exmouth Marina (Private) Car Park

About The Exmouth Marina Car Park

  • This private Car Park is at the very end of the sea front.
  • The post code is EX8 1ET.
  • The car park has around 50 spaces.
  • Charges apply 24 hours a day
  • Monitored by a camera, you are advised not to enter unless you intend to park here.
  • No overnight sleeping
  • This car park is not part of the "Winter Shopper" scheme from November to March
  • No Motorcycle parking
  • No height restrictions
  • Short Stay: Maximum 4 hours

Finding the Marina Car Park

Exmouth Marina Car Park 1
This is a private car park and different charges/periods apply

The main sign-posted road in to Exmouth is the A376. This brings you down to the station and car parks nearer to the town centre itself.

To get to the car park, at the roundabout at the end of the A376 go straight ahead then at the next roundabout first left down Imperial Road then second right in to Victoria ROAD (Not Victoria Avenue). Victoria Road will take you to the seafront and the Marina Car Park is straight ahead.

You are advised not to enter the car park unless you know you are going to park there. If you do enter you have around 5 minutes to find a space and pay. If you fail to pay or exit within this period you may get a fine through the post as the cameras will have picked up your regestration number.

How Much Does it Cost to Park?

Exmouth Marina Car Park Tariff
Tariff varies between "summer" and "winter" periods, see image

(Correct winter 2021, check signs locally on arrival).

Summer Tariff:-

If staying up to 1 hour the charge is £1, then for 2 hours £2 and £4 for 3 hours and £5 for up to 12 hours.

Winter Tariff:-

50p up to one hour, £1 up to 2 hours and £2 up to 4 hours and £3 for up to 12 hours.

Longer periods are available, see the image here or signs locally.

(The image here shows the rate correct in 2021 )

More Information

Exmouth Marina Car Park 2
Do not obstruct garages.

Only enter if you intend to park. 

If no spaces available exit as quickly as possible or you may get fined. Your period of "grace" (around 5 minutes) commences the moment you enter, as does your parking period, and not when you decided to pay.

Marina Car Park

Marina Car Park Exmouth Ticket Machine 2

Marina Car Park

Exmouth Marina Car Park 3

Marina Car Park

Exmouth Marina Car Park 4

Marina Car Park

Exmouth Marina Car Park 5